New Economics Series 4

New Economic Series: Part 4

“For the vast majority of human history pre-surplus, it is fair to say we were pre-economic beings: like all other animals, we were a part of the ecology. This means we lived in dynamic relationship with the natural world, and in critical interdependence with each other.”

New Economics Series 1

New Economics Series: Part 1

“Economics is a facet of social architecture, inseparable from infrastructure, culture, governance, law, defense, information systems, education and human development, etc. These systems co-evolve and co-influence each other. They are currently all fundamentally inadequate to the scope, urgency, and nature of the issues and dynamics civilization now faces and must undergo a discrete phase shift to axiomatically restructured, higher order systems.”

Solving The Generator Functions Of Existential Risk

“Science has given us a solid theory of causation, which has given us incredible technological power that extends the magnitude of the consequences of our choices. But we do not have a similarly well grounded theory of choice (ethics), to guide how to use that power. So the default theory of choice has been game theory, the playing of which leads to these generator functions.”